Setting Safe Biking Goals

Bicycle riding is an enjoyable and exciting activity that people of all ages enjoy doing. There are even cycling competitions across the world. Bicycling enables the rider to get out and enjoy nature and all that is in it, while also providing a slew of health benefits as well. Even children can find bicycling a fun-filled activity, both boys and girls.

However, it is important that you take bicycle riding seriously, and make sure that you are staying safe as you enjoy the activity. Staying safe requires that you wear a helmet, obey all rules and regulations of the road and always use common sense and your best judgment when out on your bicycle.

Would you believe that in the U.S. the number of bicycle accidents made a dramatic increase from 2001 until 2009, with 1.4 billion increasing to 4 billion accidents per year? Another interesting stat about bicycle accidents is that most of them (involving automobiles) were not related to the environment, such as darkness or rain.

Statistics also show that those who ride bicycles professionally are safer with their bikes than those who ride for fun and this should change. Both people should be riding their bike safely. A majority of the bicycle accident occurs on major roads that do not have facilities for cyclists to commute on.

One of the positive statistics concerning bicycle riding and safety is that most people in the US are wearing their helmets. The importance of a helmet is prevail ant and this is a must to stay safe. Helmets protect from head injuries that can result without a helmet. Most people use helmets because they are aware of the importance of staying safe. Find out why more people find this cruiser bikes a best buy.

There are many helmets out there to suit all riders, even children. This is one of the safest ways that you can ride a bicycle. Use the web to search for helmets, and make sure that you are always wearing that helmet, even when riding short distances. Statistics also report that accidents on bikes often occur near homes. You should always be safe than sorry.

If you are going to ride a bicycle make sure that you are riding it safely. We hope some of these statistics have helped you learn what is needed to stay safe, or perhaps even shocking information that makes you think twice before you go out to ride. Have fun, ride your bicycle but always make sure that you are riding safe.